January 30, 2020

The Future of Trading, and a Look Ahead

Global news has shaken the markets this week…  In fact, even the S&P 500 took a hit as the influence of the Coronavirus continued to spread […]
January 29, 2020

The One Question You’ve All Been Asking

I’m doing something entirely different today…  Over the last few weeks I’ve been encouraging you to write me feedback and any burning questions you have…  If […]
January 26, 2020

This Hidden Sector Could Save Your Portfolio

Are stocks safe?  Given how most stocks are overvalued right now, it’s no surprise that the majority of traders are a little cautious. But there is […]
January 24, 2020

Collect A Year’s Worth of Dividends in 10 seconds

Recently I bought 100 shares of AAPL…  And so far I’ve already accumulated almost $410 in income in just under a few minutes…  But how?  I’m […]
January 23, 2020

Forget Apple and Tesla: Here’s what I trade…

When I first started trading, I blew up my account. I was crushed. I was trading popular stocks like Apple and Amazon — stocks everyone else […]
January 21, 2020

The Right Way To Trade Tops and Bottoms

Amid growing concerns over the spread of a deadly virus in China, stocks slipped yesterday morning before the market open.  Was that the perfect time to […]
January 17, 2020

My Secret To Surviving Any Market Type

Today I’m breaking down the one strategy you need to thrive in this market. This is how the smart money trades. And once you implement it […]
January 16, 2020

Is This Mistake Costing You A Lot Of Money?

Do you want to be right or make money? You’d be surprised how often traders let ego get in the way of making money. This is […]
January 14, 2020

How I Became A Wealthier (And Happier) Trader

Trading can be tough… especially on your psyche. Even if you’re making money overall, the emotional roller coaster can take a toll and negatively impact your […]
January 10, 2020

Make Money From Stocks That Go Nowhere

Making money from stocks you expect to move higher or lower is pretty straight forward using options: Buy calls if you’re bullish and puts if you’re […]
January 9, 2020

Do Analysts’ Opinions Even Matter?

I’ll be the first person to say that stock market analysts are some of the smartest people in the world… but they can also be extremely […]
January 7, 2020

What’s Pushing This Sector Higher?

We’re eight days into the new year and 2020 is already starting off with some significant news. Last week, the United States launched an airstrike that […]