September 6, 2019

What Does My Trading Schedule Look Like?

Hey Traders,  As most of you already know, the markets are constantly changing and everyday we have new and unique opportunities to make as much money […]
September 6, 2019

Trade Update – One of the Largest Reversals

Hey Gang!  Lance here and what a few days it has been for the cannabis sector!  Let’s talk about one of the largest reversals I’m seeing […]
September 3, 2019

Create Your Own Custom Watchlist

Hey Traders,  Each week I receive a ton of questions from my students and today, I want to take time to cover one of the most […]
September 3, 2019

How to Scan and Filter Out the Options Market

Let’s say that you’re thinking about trading a stock, maybe you heard about it on TV or it’s on your watchlist… But do you know if […]
August 30, 2019

400% Returns on These Options

Hey Traders!  Lance here with another trade of the day in Planet Fitness (PLNT).  Last week, I informed you all about PLNT and it’s 200-day moving […]
August 30, 2019

Being an Employee vs. Employer

In today’s video, we’re going to discuss the differences of being an employee vs. being an employer.  The new economy has arrived and the way people […]
August 28, 2019

Which Brokerage Account Should I Use?

Hey Traders,  One of the most common questions I receive from new and even experienced traders is “what brokerage account should I use?” The majority of […]
August 27, 2019

Heavyweight Gains in Planet Fitness

Lance here!  Today, I’m flexing my muscles with Planet Fitness (PLNT) and you need to as well…  Planet Fitness is an American franchiser of fitness centers […]
August 27, 2019

How to Determine if a Stock is Worth Purchasing

With over 3,000 stocks in the market, how do you know when to buy? In today’s video, I’m giving away three simple strategies I use to […]
August 23, 2019

How to Pinpoint Potential Breakout Stocks within the Cannabis Sector

One of the most common questions I receive from my students is how do I discover or detect a potential breakout stock within the cannabis sector.  […]
August 22, 2019

What’s Happening in the Markets?

To blunt with you… the markets have been rough for traders within the past couple of weeks due to Fed data – are they going to […]
August 20, 2019

How I Pick the Winners

One question I often receive from many of my students is how do I know which stock to trade… And with over  over 3,000 stocks out there […]