Blitz Tracker Goes Live

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I have a very important message for you!

Tuesday at 1pm EST, I will be streaming LIVE.

I want to pull the curtain back on how you can get in front of 24-hour windfalls like $5,410… $7,330… and $12,352. 

I want to take you through the strategy…

And yes, to be clear, it’s not a recording. I will be streaming 100% live.

Now… look at the bottom corner of your screen.

You’ll see a bell. It should be red.

Do you see the red bell?

Click that now!

That will let me send you a notification as soon as I go live.

So click that red bell now and I’ll reserve your seat and send you a private link to watch the livestream.

Tuesday at 1pm EST, hundreds of folks will be able to cash in on my next Blitz Alert…

If you watch me live, you’ll get the chance to collect your very first Blitz Alert too.

Click the red bell at the bottom left of your screen now if you haven’t already.

If you need to bookmark the link for tonight’s event, click here and add the page to your browser bookmark.

And I’ll see you Tuesday at 1pm EST. 

See you soon!