Trading is not about always being right or boasting about a 99% win rate… 

And although you may hear about very accurate traders (and yes, that sounds excellent), there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors that can come along with it. 

I’ve actually seen multiple traders wipe out their entire winnings with one single trade. It’s great if you make money nine out of ten times, but not if one trade can wipe you out. 

To prevent you from falling into this trap, I’ve put together a video that’ll show you how to achieve a favorable risk vs. reward ratio. I really think you’re going to enjoy this one. 

P.S. It’s extremely important that you watch this video. 

Roger Scott just went LIVE with the world’s #1 pre-market trader to expose how you could earn thousands every day before some people even wake up. 

If you haven’t already, make sure you click on the link below to watch the replay before the page is taken down. 

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