The coronavirus is the one and only thing on traders’ (and most human) minds right now… 

And I guarantee that the majority of you are glued to the television screen — keeping track of the spread of the virus and what the government is doing about it.

That’s stressful… and not the mentality you need as a trader. 

No doubt that this is a tricky market to trade, which is why I want to give you a few examples and opportunities you can use right now to potentially make money without being absolutely crushed by volatility. 

If you’re actively trading (or plan to), I advise you to pay close attention to what I’m about to show you. 

In the midst of all the negative coronavirus news, the current bear market and record volatility… I understand why most investors and traders are having a difficult time.

But even in the most trying of times… the smartest traders are still making money.


They’re using pre-market data to detect and recognize where certain stocks are headed before the market even opens…

This allows them to spot potential winning trades before the majority of traders even wake up – that’s critical in today’s market.

And Roger Scott and the worlds #1 pre-market trader, Tom Busby, are going to show you exactly how they’ve cracked this style of trading.

Learn how to identify these trades yourself.