Today, I want to go over three key concepts I look for to achieve massive returns and the system that ultimately grew my $5,000 account to a $25,000 account in six months. 

I call these the three I’s of trading… 

So, what are the three I’s and how can it impact your trading? 

When a stock is bullish, it has more buyers and sellers. With the first “I”, we want to see an increased volume leading into that breakout.

The stock must also experience institutional buying, which can be in the form of hedge fund buying, large investment firm buying, or insider buying.

Lastly, when a stock explodes, it’s talked about everywhere in the media. This creates an irresistible force breakout, which is the type of exposure we should be looking for in order to experience mass returns. 

Lance Ippolito

The Future of Wealth

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