President Trump’s Wednesday announcement kicked off another wave of panic selling… 

He imposed a 30-day Europe travel ban in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus that sent stocks into a bear market — triggering more heavy losses. 

It’s a no brainer that traders are turning to the gold market — ETFs like GLD and GDX to protect (and hedge) their portfolios. 

However, there’s something I want to bring to your attention… 

A vast majority of traders are being misled on what they’re actually buying. If you’ve recently placed a hedge on any of your positions, it might not be as solid as you think

Watch today’s video to see what I’m talking about… 

If you need guidance when trading this volatile and down market, then I urge you to watch the replay of Roger Scott’s Flash Crash training.

He developed a system that works during (and after) huge market crashes. It can protect you on the way down and delivers stocks primed to explode higher during the rebound phrase. 

Considering the market conditions we’re experiencing right now, I honestly don’t know if there’s even a better time for the strategy Roger is sharing. 

Catch the replay here.