Volatility has skyrocketed over the last few trading sessions. These are the biggest moves I’ve seen in at least a decade.

And considering that trading in the U.S. was temporarily halted early on Monday due to the S&P 500 falling more than 7%, it’s not surprising that traders are alarmed. 

But if you know where to look, you can find pockets of strength. There are a few stocks that are seeing large institutional action, for example. Millions of dollars are being wagered that a few stocks will skyrocket as early as this month.

Today I’ll explain where I’m seeing this activity and why I think these stocks will kill it in the days to come.

P.S. There’s been a massive Flash Crash in the markets… 

In just one week, the global market lost over $6 trillion and the Dow Jones alone lost 4,162 points. And now the market is just bouncing around.

That’s why Roger Scott is going LIVE Thursday at 1 p.m. ET to explain why Flash Crashes actually offer traders huge opportunity – like the potential to earn $3,680 or more within the next two weeks. 

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